Pay Your PTO Fees

Before the craziness of back to school, remember now to pay your yearly PTO fees. These include fees (and sign-ups) associated with Class T-shirts, Birthday Books, Mannapalooza tickets (get the early bird discount!), Junior Great Books and more. 

Thanks for paying your PTO fees by September 15th. There is no additional service charge for using a credit card.  

School Supply Lists

If you have not already bought your child's school supplies, here is the list. 

Come meet and greet your teachers and drop off your child/children's school supplies on Monday, August 26 from 2:00pm- 3:00pm.

Get Your MannWear Now!

It's time to get ready to show your school spirit this year with MannWear. Shabby Fly! T-shirts and sweatshirts are offered for kids and adults. Youth clothing is now sold in sizes as small as 2T for the future Mann students in your family! Visit Shabby Fly to purchase MannWear and have it shipped directly to your home. If you have feedback, questions or sizing issues, please contact Shabby Fly.

Please email Karen Lareau Patel with any questions.  If you have feedback, questions, or sizing issues, please contact Shabby Fly directly. 


Our PTO is exceptional.  The reason is because parents/caregivers step up to take on volunteer roles to ensure our Mann community has what it needs to thrive.  Below are some areas where we need our people to lend their talents.
  • Book Fair:  It happens one time a year, and the impact on our school library is significant as it generates about $5000 for our librarian to spend on books and other library materials. We need some additional leadership of this critical but pretty straightforward initiative.
  • World Languages: Coordinate the lunch time language learning opportunities for students in German, Mandarin, French, and/or any other language of the world.  We need someone to find people in our community who speak the language and coordinate with them to have the lunchtime learning.
  • Internal Auditor: Our Treasurers, Sanjay Patel and Jason Wright, are amazing!  They have requested someone conduct an internal audit of our financial record keeping. If you have an audit and/or financial background, you'd be perfect!
  • Yearbook: Beth Siegel needs someone to help with picture taking, collection and layout of the Yearbook. 
  • Webmaster: We need someone to help her keep our website up to date, including putting up WuFoo forms through which we collect PTO Fees and event activity contributions (e.g., Kid's Choice, Block Party, etc.).
  • Web Designer:  It is time for a website. This will be a very important project as we figure out the look and feel of the new website and get parent feedback on what people want on it, etc.
  • Directory:  Many of us rely on the directory to get our children to and from play dates, birthday parties, etc.  It is quite the lift to get it out. Joe Konizeski needs some help, and Megan Elsener is thinking about how we might move it online over time. They need a couple of people to help them lead these important communications efforts.
Please reach out to Jacinda Bauman or Jamel Bean about any of the above volunteer roles and/or other ways you would like to be involved. Thanks in advance for using your talents and energy to ensure all of our Mustangs have the academic, social and emotional supports they need in our diverse community.

Capital Improvements

Remember our fundraiser Mannapalooza last fall? Has your child participated in MannPower programs? Together, these raised significant funds, and here is how they were used:  

In addition to funding field trips, Olympic Day, International Fest, the Mann PTO Block Party, Green and Diversity Initiatives, and appreciation for our Teachers...

We spent $40,000 on capital improvements for our Mann School building, moving from beige-to-bright in many places, including:

  • Completed all locker refurbishments
  • Added a two-story stairwell mural
  • Cafeteria improvements: colorful paint, robust lighting upgrades and sound panels to help absorb noise

Installation has started and will be completed shortly! Here are some pictures:

Mural 1

Thank you Jen Cunningham and Ann Kreiter for your hard work on the project!

Next PTO Meeting

Friday, September 6th, 8:15am
Mann Auditorium

PTO Calendar

8/26: Teacher Meet & Greet/Supply Drop off

8/26: Back-to-School Picnic, Mann Blacktop 

8/28First Day of School, 8am-2:30pm

8/28PTO Welcome Coffee, Mann Blacktop, 8am

9/2Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

9/5: New Family Potluck, Mann Cafeteria, 6-7:30pm

9/6: PTO Meeting, Auditorium 8:15am

9/15: MannPower Session I Registration (Session Runs Sept 23 - Dec 6)   

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