Online Registration Instructions (using ClassTrack)

For all RETURNING MannPower Participants:

If your child participated in MannPower last year, their grade level has been updated in our system.  However, the “teacher” field will need to be updated.  Please log into ClassTrack before registration opens to update the teacher field – otherwise your registration will be delayed. After you log in:

    1. Click My Family
    2. Edit your child’s teacher by clicking on the pencil to the right of their name
    3. Scroll down and select your child’s teacher from the dropdown menu
    4. Click Update

For all NEW MannPower Participants:

We invite all families to set up their family accounts now so you are ready to register. It’s important to complete this step before registration opens to avoid delays. 

    1. Go to the ClassTrack registration website
    2. Click Sign Up
    3. Enter your information under My Profile
    4. Click My Family to add your child/ren

(Please make sure your account has you listed as the guardian with your kids as your family members. This prevents you from being able to register yourself for a class!)