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Mann PTO Constitution

Horace Mann Elementary School PTO, Oak Park, IL

Summary of Articles:

The name of this Mann PTO shall be the Horace Mann Parent Teacher Mann PTO of Oak Park, Illinois, hereinafter referred to as Mann PTO.


  • Section 1: The Mann PTO shall assist in the educational and social enrichment of all Mann students.
  • Section 2: In order to promote a total education of the highest quality for all students, the Mann PTO shall encourage a working relationship among parents, teachers, students, administrators, PTO council, and our community.
  • Section 3: The Mann PTO may act as a coordinating body or steering committee for projects of mutual Mann community interest.
  • Section 1: The policies of the Mann PTO shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian, and nonpartisan.
  • Section 2: The purpose of the Mann PTO should be educational, social and supportive of the staff and programs of Horace Mann School. The Mann PTO shall not seek to direct the technical or administrative activities of the school; however, all Mann PTO members retain the right to petition, debate, discuss, or make recommendations to school and district authorities. 2
  • Section 3: Funds raised by the Mann PTO shall be used for the sole benefits of the Mann School community unless an alternate use is specified and publicized prior to the fund-raising event.
  • Section 4: The Mann PTO can participate in any political campaign regarding a schoolrelated issue (but not candidates), or devote a part of its resources to influence legislation to secure adequate laws for the care and education of children.
  • Section 5: The Mann PTO shall not participate or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.
  • Section 6: The Mann PTO shall be a member of the Council of the Parent Teacher Organizations of Oak Park.
  • Section 7: The Mann PTO shall not charter any organization.
  • Section 8: The Mann PTO shall utilize periodic publications to communicate with its members including the Student Directory, the digital backpack, the PTO Website, the PTO Newsletter, PTO email blasts, and the Annual Financial Report. The PTO shall prohibit the advertisement of services and products in all PTO publications, except the PTO Website and the PTO Newsletter which may contain flyers approved by District 97, Mann School, and/or the Mann PTO.
  • Section 9: The Mann PTO shall use its weekly newsletter to communicate with its members who have agreed to participate. The organization shall maintain and regularly update its list of members and their e-mail addresses. Any member shall have the right to request removal from the list at anytime. The PTO shall utilize the e-mail for three (3) primary reasons: the recruitment of volunteers, the promotion of PTO programs, events, and fundraisers, and communication of time-sensitive news and information.

Membership shall consist of every parent or guardian whose child or children attend Mann School, all full or part time faculty members, and all administrative staff. Members shall have the right to vote at general membership meetings and the annual election of officers.

  • Section 1: By March 15th of each calendar year there shall be convened a nominating committee consisting of six (6) voting members and one non-voting member. The outgoing PTO president or his/her representative will serve as chairperson of this committee and will be the non-voting member. Two (2) members shall be selected from the PTO board by its body. One (1) shall be the principal of the 3 school or his/her representative. The PTO board shall appoint three (3) members from its general membership.3 school or his/her representative. The PTO board shall appoint three (3) members from its general membership.
  • Section 2: Members of the nominating committee are ineligible to fill PTO Board positions.
  • Section 3: It shall be the responsibility of the nominating committee to publicize, to the general membership, by April 1st, its intent to fill open positions for the following year.
  • Section 4: The nominating committee shall obtain one (1) consenting nominee for each office to be filled. The committee shall report its slate of nominees to the general membership at the May regular PTO meeting.
  • Section 5: Additional nominations for Board positions may be made by any Mann PTO member provided the nominations are given to the secretary at least ten (10) days prior to the election. A petition signed by at least twenty (20) Mann PTO members shall accompany each additional nomination.
  • Section 6: Officers will be elected annually, as terms expire, by Mann PTO members at a Mann PTO meeting. Election of officers shall occur at the June regular PTO meeting. The newly elected officers shall be installed at the June Mann PTO meeting and assume the responsibilities at that time.
  • Section 7: Voting shall be by secret ballot when there is more than one candidate for any office. Absentee ballots will be provided prior to the election for those members unable to attend the June Mann PTO meeting, upon request.
  • Section 1: The PTO Board shall consist of the elected officials and the school principal. They are:
    • Co-Presidents
    • 1st VP Educational Programs
    • 2nd VP Volunteer Coordination
    • 3rd VP Fundraising
    • 4th VP Special Events
    • 5th VP Green Initiative
    • Co-Secretaries
    • Co-Treasurers

At the discretion of the PTO Board, there may be Co-office holders for any VP position. The total number of office holders shall be determined in April prior to the office elections.

  • Section 2: Officers shall be elected for a two (2) year term. No person shall be eligible to succeed him/herself in the same office. An exception to this will be if an office is vacated. In this case, a person may serve a third year in that office for the sake of 4 continuity. No person shall serve more than two (2) full terms on the PTO Board consecutively. However, additional terms may be served non-consecutively. An exception to this will be if an office is vacant.
  • Section 3: A vacancy in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a majority vote of the remaining members of the PTO Board.
  • Section 4: The duties of the PTO Board shall be:
    • To transact business and approve expenditures between monthly membership meetings. Transactions and expenditure approvals may take place via email among the members of the board.
    • To create committees, special committees, and appoint liaisons.
    • To secure chairpersons for committees, special committees, and liaison positions, with the assistance of the nominating committee.
    • To approve the plans of the committees and special committees.
    • To present a report and/or agenda at the regular meetings of the Mann PTO.
    • To select an auditor or auditing committee to audit the Treasurer’s accounts each year by July 1.
    • To prepare a budget and submit it to the Mann PTO by the last meeting of the school year.
    • To approve additions or changes to the approved budget, programs, or plan of activities, at a cost not to exceed $2000.
    • To communicate with and represent committee chairs and liaisons as assigned.
  • Section 5: Regular meetings of the PTO Board shall be held monthly and meetings are open to all PTO members on a on-voting observer basis. A majority defined as fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of the PTO Board shall constitute a quorum. Special Board meetings may be called by the President or by a majority vote of the PTO Board.
  • Section 6: Duties of the officers shall be:
    1. The President(s) shall preside at all meetings of the Mann PTO. The President(s) shall be a member ex-officio of all committees. The President(s) shall approve additions or changes to the approved budget, programs, or plan of activities, at a cost not to exceed $1000.
    2. The First Vice President(s) (1st VP) shall act as a presidential aide and shall perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of the president to serve until the general board fills the vacancy pursuant to Article VI – Section 3. The First Vice President shall be the educational programs chairperson.
    3. The Second Vice President(s) (2nd VP) shall be responsible for assisting with school and classroom-related activities including, but not limited to, recruiting and organizing room parent coordinators for each grade and performing the duties outlined in the room parents’ handbook.
    4. The Third Vice President(s) (3rd VP) shall be in charge of the fundraising activities of the Mann PTO.
    5. The Fourth Vice President(s) (4th VP) shall support service based program projects and community-building special events for the Mann School student body.
    6. The Fifth Vice President(s) (5th VP) shall support recycling and zero waste efforts, the school garden, and programs to promote the health of our students and the planet.
    7. The Secretary(s) shall record and publish the minutes of all regular PTO meetings, regularly update the school calendar with Mann PTO events, and provide this information to the Mann PTO general membership, PTO Council, Mann Webmaster, and other interested individuals. The Secretary(s) shall record votes taken at PTO Board meetings. The Secretary(s) shall conduct all correspondence of the Mann PTO, provide and verify absentee ballots for elections of officers, and shall, at the request and approval of the President, take charge of all communication and notices pertaining to Mann PTO activities, including maintaining the Mann PTO Newsletter and bulletin boards?
    8. The Treasurer(s) shall receive all money on orders of the Mann PTO, keep a record of receipts and expenditures, and pay money on orders of the PTO Board and committee chairs. The PTO Board shall appoint an outside firm to review the accounts before the September meeting. Upon successful completion of the review, if the treasurer’s report is deemed accurate, the firm shall sign a statement to the effect.
  • Section 7: Outgoing officers shall deliver all official material to their successors no later than thirty (30) days after the last Mann PTO general meeting, except the Treasurer(s), who shall deliver official material by the end of the fiscal year.
  • Section 1: The PTO Board shall create committees and appoint chairpersons and liaisons based on recommendations from the nominating committee.
  • Section 2: The PTO Board shall organize special committees and liaisons if necessary. The special committee or liaison shall function until its task is completed.
  • Section 3: Each committee shall present its annual plans and activities to the PTO Board for approval prior to any undertakings and have a representative present whenever possible for decisions regarding these plans and activities.
  • Section 4: Each committee and liaison shall report on its activities at a general PTO meeting, at a time designated by the Co-Presidents.
  • Section 1: General membership meetings shall be held at least once monthly, at such times and places as determined by the PTO Board. In addition, special meetings of the general membership shall be called within a reasonable time by the PTO Board if the President(s) receives a petition signed by twenty (20) or more Mann PTO members calling for a special meeting. The petition shall state the purpose of the special meeting.
  • Section 2: Written notice of all Mann PTO general membership meetings shall be given to the membership by the Co-Presidents at least five (5) days prior to the meetings. Publication of the notice of the general membership meeting in the Voice of Mann, the Thursday packet, and/or e-mail listserv shall constitute sufficient notice. The Secretary(s) shall include a statement in the minutes affirming that proper notice was given.
  • Section 3: A quorum for each transaction of business at a Mann PTO regular meeting shall consist of those members present.
  • Section 4: Persons wishing to add an item to the published agenda must make such requests to the President(s) fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled Mann PTO meeting.
  • Section 5: Additions or changes to the approved fiscal year budget that exceed $1000 shall be approved by the Mann PTO general membership.
  • Section 1: Each school year, the Treasurer(s) shall prepare and submit to the PTO Board at its May Board meeting, a budget for the next fiscal year itemized by line item. Once received and approved by the PTO Board, the budget shall be published and distributed prior to the June (or last regular) PTO meeting of the school year. The budget shall then be presented at the June PTO meeting for approval by the PTO general membership.
  • Section 2: The Treasurer(s) shall prepare and file or cause to be prepared and filed such federal state tax and accounting returns and reports as shall be required by law, at the expense of the Mann PTO.
  • Section 3: The Mann PTO shall maintain such bank accounts and/or investments as are approved by the PTO Board. The Treasurer(s) shall have the authority to sign all checks in amounts up to $3000. Checks exceeding $3000 must be co-signed by the Treasurer(s) and/or the President(s).
  • Section 4: The PTO fiscal year of the Mann PTO shall begin August 1st and end July 31st.

The Constitution may be revised and amended by two thirds of the votes cast at any 7 regular PTO meeting where notice has been given at least one meeting in advance, and the amendment has been published and distributed to the Mann PTO general membership.

  • Section 1: Any officer of the Mann PTO may be removed from office, for good cause shown, by two thirds of the PTO Board present and voting at a PTO Board meeting, provided that two week notice be given to the officer setting forth the reasons for proposed removal, and that the officer be given reasonable opportunity to answer charges make against him/her.
  • Section 2: Any committee chairperson may be removed by a majority vote of the PTO Board provided the chairperson has been notified of the reasons at least two weeks prior to the vote and has an opportunity to answer charges made against him/her.


The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern this Mann PTO in all cases applicable and which are not in conflict with this constitution.


In the event of the liquidation of the Mann PTO, whether voluntary or involuntary, no member shall be entitled to any distribution or division of its remaining property or its proceeds, and the balance if al money and other property received by the Mann PTO from any source, after the payment of all debts and obligations of the Mann PTO, shall be used or distributed according to the law and within the intendment of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and the Regulations there under as the same now exist or as they may be hereafter amended from time to time. Amended and adopted May 31, 2012.