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Dot Roche:

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Jason Wright:

Sanjay Patel:


Recording Secretary

Jane Flanagan:


Newsletter Secretary

Monette Bariel:


Vice Presidents - Programs

Adam Evans - MannPower:

Karen Patel - MannPower:

Ann Kreiter - Assemblies:


Vice Presidents  - Volunteer Coordination

Sarah Roberts:

Katie Skoglund:


Vice Presidents  - Fundraising

Sheila Dougherty:

Pete Conry:


Vice Presidents - Community Relations

Saritha Reddy:

Ronika Briesch:


Vice Presidents - Green Initiative

Sarah Thompson:

Caroline Marinoff:


Vice Presidents - Marketing

Val Desiderio:

Michael Rutkowski:


Vice President - Diversity

Venus Johnson:

Alexia Muchisu Wendell: 

About the PTO...

If you are the parent or guardian of a student enrolled at Horace Mann Elementary School or are a member of the faculty or staff, congratulations—you are automatically a member of the Parent Teacher Organization. 
The Mann PTO is a non-profit group whose mission is to enhance the quality of public education at our school. The PTO sponsors many activities and special events during the year such as New Family Potluck, Art Appreciation, the Spelling and Geography Bees, special assembly programs, and the Annual Block Party and Olympic Day just to name a few. 
These events are only made possible through the involvement and generosity of our entire community. Monthly meetings alternate between mornings (8:15 am) and evenings (6:30 pm) through the year.

Mann PTO Mission

Mann PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of students at Mann School by fostering relationships between the school, parents and guardians, teachers and administrative staff. Mann PTO works to achieve the followingg

  • To develop closer connections between school and home by encouraging parent involvement.
  • To enhance the educational experience by supporting academic and enrichment activities.
  • To improve the environment at our school by providing volunteer and financial support.

Mann PTO Constitution

PTO Constitution