MannPower After-School Enrichment Program 

MannPower is an after-school enrichment program for students of Mann school.  The program is administered by Mann PTO and the classes are primarily led by Mann teachers and staff. 

The sessions occur right after school for an hour:

-- Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays,  Fridays from 3-4pm

-- Wednesdays from 2-3pm.  

Students will meet in the auditorium right after school where their MannPower teachers pick them up and bring them to the applicable rooms.
Please note applicable dates below for each session.  Dates are subject to change.  Please check for any updates before each session begins.

Classes fill up quickly!  Please make all attempts to register as early as possible after registration opens.

Session III: 

Registration: March 11th, 2:00pm
Registration Open: March 11 at 2:00 PM through March 18 at 2:00 PM
Session Runs: April 2 - May 18


If your child participated in MannPower last year, their grade level has been updated in our system.  However, the “teacher” field will need to be updated.  Please log into ClassTrack before registration opens to update the teacher field – otherwise your registration will be delayed. After you log in:
  1. Click My Family
  2. Edit your child’s teacher by clicking on the pencil to the right of their name
  3. Scroll down and select your child’s teacher from the dropdown menu
  4. Click Update


We invite all families to set up their family accounts now so you are ready to register on Sunday, Sept. 10th at 2pm. It’s important to complete this step before registration opens to avoid delays. 
  1. Go to the ClassTrack registration website
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter your information under My Profile
  4. Click My Family to add your child/ren
(Please make sure your account has you listed as the guardian with your kids as your family members. This prevents you from being able to register yourself for a class!)

MannPower FAQs:

1. When can I register for the next session? 

Registration begins two school weeks prior to the next session. This allows for a one-week registration period, and another week to allow the Mann Power team to record all the registrations, and send out confirmations.

2. What if I miss the registration period? Can I register late? 

Unfortunately, no. We allow a one-week registration period, and we advertise it as well as we are able, in hopes that we can accommodate as many registrants as are interested. Each registration requires multiple steps, including updating our database, payment processing, and notification of multiple teachers along with each student’s parents. Our team of volunteers is not able to keep processing registrations after the registration period. 

3. How do I know if my child got into our first choice classes?

Registration is now automated so you will know immediately if your child got into the class you choose. If it is full, there is a wait list available for the first 5 children, otherwise, no further registrations will be allowed.

4. If I register on-line, do I have to pay by credit card? 

No. Currently, all registrations take place on-line, but you have the option to pay with a credit card or drop off a check at school. You may print an invoice that shows the total you owe, and should be sent in with the payment. Please make all check payments to Mann PTO.

5. When is my payment due? 

Payments are due immediately upon registering for a class. If you choose to pay by check, then please submit it quickly at the school office. Checks should be made out to MANN PTO and dropped in the MannPower dropbox with a copy of the registration confirmation email.

6. Is there a chance I’ll lose my spot because I’m paying by check? 

No, we assume that you will pay us, and we hold your spot for you.

7. What if I can’t afford to pay for a class? 

If you need financial assistance, please contact the MannPower team immediately with your request. We have funds set aside to cover the cost for students who need financial aid to cover 1 or 2 classes per session.

8. What if I have questions? Who do I contact? 

Please direct all questions and comments to the Mann Power Team at

9. How do I know if my registration went through? 

You should receive a confirmation email right away. If you don't receive one, it's possible that your registration did not go through. Another possibility is that you  mistyped your email address. You can send us an email to double-check. 

10. What if I need to cancel my registration? 

You can cancel your registration in ClassTrack during the registration week or email the Mann Power Team at  No refunds will be issued after the first week of classes - emails must be received by that Sunday @ 2pm: Session I by Oct. 1 @ 2pm, Session II by Jan. 14 @ 2pm; Session III by Apr. 8 @ 2pm.